I haven’t been so excited about something in a long time.

Two of the men working in our house. We have fun around here.

We bought a new house recently after a long, sad, delayed, complicated ordeal where our other house that we bought and loved so much got flooded. We spent this past week doing some home improvements.

To start, we had…

Yogini and singer Aly Sunshine and guitarist Steve Jabas are NYC-based outfit Funkytown Playground

If you’ve ever tried to get a child to wash their hands to no avail, I’d like to introduce you to a “trick up your sleeve” that will help any kid dance their dirt off.

Funkytown Playground are a delightful, energetic musical duo that bring levity and joy to the…

Jessica Delfino

I write about life with 1 husband, 1 kid, 1 cat, at times funny. www.Twitter.com/JessicaDelfino Bylines: New Yorker, The NY Times, The Atlantic, McSweeney’s.

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