I Wrote A Joke Book And It’s #96 on Amazon (Edit: It’s now #1!)

Jessica Delfino
3 min readNov 25, 2020
My second baby

Sure, being #96 in line might not seem like a big deal, but there are a lot of books being sold on Amazon!

I wrote Dumb Jokes For Smart Folks during the pandemic, while quarantining with a toddler (and a husband), so that alone, I think, is kind of a super feat. I wrote it in chunks; in fits and spurts; while hiding in the bathroom, while waiting in the car, while taking walks, even in my sleep. I woke with a joke on my mind more than once, and rushed to put it to paper before it was wiped clean by the light of day.

The jokes in the book run the gamut from mild to wild. There are puns, bits, straight up jokes, wordplay, takes on weird topics, odd references, runs of jokes and more. There are even a few chapters of very dirty jokes at the end. I used to write “dirty folk rock” songs and told pretty ribald jokes for a long time. Having a kid tempered that a bit for me. Other parents are judgmental. I haven’t stopped being who I am, I am just me less in public and more in private. At least for now.

Though it’s a different kind of comedic project than I might have normally written or I might have written a few years ago, I’m happy that I wrote it, and I like the way it came out.

My publisher is Humorist Books, and I am thrilled at how easy they were to work with.

The concept I had in mind was that I was a mom taking back the dad jokes, but also that I wanted to write dumb jokes that you’d have to use your imagination to get.

Here’s some brainstorming scratch from my notebook.

I have spotted 2 typos since the book has gone live, or rather, they were spotted for me. But it’s not the end of the world. I’ll try harder next time.

I’d like to hear what you think! The Kindle copy is $6, the paperback is $13.99. If you already bought a copy, please leave a review! If you are broke but want a copy, reach out. I have a couple freebies I can part with.



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